Ubud Village A Haven For The Arts and Performances

Ubud is located in attractive environment of picturesque emerald green rice fields, along the edges of deep gorgeous river in the stunning center Balinese foothill around 30 km from Denpasar town. Ubud got its name from ubad, which means medicine, due to the fact that there are many plants in this area used in making traditional medicine.

Ubud is what we refer to as the quite village haven for the arts, where the culture and tradition is met and presented. It's having merged with the outlying hamlets, now covers approximately nine square kilometers, which can be best seen on foot or by bicycle. Being the cultural center, Ubud offers incredible opportunities to see local artists actually working.

The famous Balinese ceremonies happen at regular intervals and are to be watched with respect, (the inhabitants of this area strictly adhere to the Hindu Dharma religion).

The area is the best place to see the cultural performance, paintings, witnessing a local ceremony, and better place to enjoy the relaxing of life style. In surrounding areas, are considered the best on the island, the traditional dancing and music is of excellent quality.

What to Visit ?

The Temples

Pusering Jagat
This temple in Pejeng contains several interesting Hindu antiquities dating from the 14th century, which are now placed in shrines. Reliefs represent a story from the Mahabharata called the "churning of the ocean" in which gods and demons search for the elixir of life.

Penataran sasih
It has been very well known because a huge silver Nikara with a height of 186.5 cm and a diameter of 160 cm. This silver originally derives from Pre-history or pre-Hindu, it is commonly called Pejeng Moon because it is said to be the moon falling down to the earth.

Tirta Empul
The Sacred Spring;' Tirta Empul lies just north of Tampaksiring on the road to Kintamani. A major pilgrimage point.

Goa Gajah
Goa Gajah (elephant Cave) is located at the West side of Bedahulu village on the cave's wall there is also a simple ancient inscription. Based on its type of letter, it is predicted that it was originated from 11th century. In the past it was functioned as a place to meditate for Buddha and Siva priests.

Kebo Edan (Crazy Buffalo Statue)
This temple is located on the northwest of Arca Museum Building and it is only a few meters away north of Arjuna Metapa Statue. The kebo Edan statue is dancing over a dead body, as if its face were wearing a mask and its penis shaking.

Yeh pulu relief, Its carved bas-relief

Gunung Kawi
Gunung Kawi is a group of large stone memorials cut into cliffs on either side of a picturesque river valley. Belived to the date from the 11th century.It is situated at Sebatu village.

The Villages

The village is situated at 4 km North of Ubud village. In Petulu you can find thousand of herons or called as 'kokokan' in local language. These herons leave the village in the morning looking for food and return at night to stay on the various trees at the village. It is predicted that these birds came to the village in the year 965

The village of woodcarvers, Mas is still the house of Bali's old masters. A number of art galleries exhibit some of their best works. Mas is also known for its masks

Located between Ubud and Mas, Peliatan is the center of traditional music and dance of Bali.

Ubud Traditional Market
It's located in the center of ubud and offers the variety local food with the morning prices . The place provides also Bali's best aromatherapy oils and incense, made from locally sourced plants, herb an flowers, alongside carving's, painting's and textile.

Ubud Royal Palace
This palace is decorated with brilliant gold colours and full of very old additional style, they care all their tropical Balinese garden.

Monkey Forest (Wenara Wana)
Monkey forest Nestled between the villages of Nyuh Kuning and Padang Tegal in Ubud lies Wenara Wana, more popularly knows as the monkey forest. This small forest is inhabited by hundreds of macaque monkeys who delight visitors with there antics. Being used to humans, the monkeys will frolic with each other and steal any food away from you, so be careful! there is a lovely little grotto down below with an ancient banyan tree as well the local temple called Pura Dalem.

Elephant Safaris
In Taro Village just a few minutes from Ubud you can see the wonderful Balinese Village by riding Elephant

Bali Bird Park Singapadu
The birds from Asia, Europe, Australia , Africa and other part of he world can be found in Bali Bird Park, Singapadu village

See so beautiful of Bali among terraces of the rice paddy with flooded of water and the view of the coconuts palms and others plantation on valley of the river

Celuk Village
village with about 80% from the people as gold and silver smite, their works in detail brilliant decorate with filigree and its precious stone.

Batuan Village
The traditional House compound", the structure of the house in the old traditional, which typically house two or tree generations of families, village lanes, grouped in units called banjar. With the calm simplicity of their small houses, their daily life and their animals you would feel real culture of Bali

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