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Alas Kedaton
Alas kedaton temple has two unique characteristics. Firstly, it has four gates: on the West, South, East, and North. Secondly, the main courtyard, the holiest place of the temple is in lower position than the center and the outermost courtyards of the temple. The place is surrounded by forest inhabited by sacred monkeys. There are also bats hanging on the branches of big trees and flying around this area

Bali houses Pura Kehen is located at the south of Bangli in Cempaga village. It was built in the 12th century when Sri Batara Guru Sri Adikunti Ketana ruled Bangli Kingdom. The temple has three courtyards connected by steps, and is decorated with carvings and statues. Kehen Temple is the largest and most sacret temple in bangli

Bedugul, Bali's highland retreat, tucked into the crater of an extinct volcano, 1400 meters above the sea level, it has cold climate with temperature at night is 18°C and 24°C at daytime. It is known for its excellent golf course.

Ulun Danu Batur, a temple which seems to rise out of the lake to present itself beautifully. Three lakes which are surrounded by mountain can be found in Bedugul provide the water for the fields, rivers and springs on the plains below. The biggest one is Lake Beratan. Boats, water skiing, and parasailing are among the many water sports available in this area

For tourist who wants to enjoy agro tourism, you can continue your journey North of Bali, exactly in Gigit Village about 10 kilometres south of Singaraja. In this village you can enjoy vast coffee and clove gardens. Walking and enjoying coffee garden is a right choice if you visit Gitgit Village. The area located more or less 500 metres above sea level is a strategic place for tropical plants to grow well. 350 metres walk from the main street tracing the coffee and clove garden, you will find a waterfall about more or less 50 metres height as the highest waterfall in Bali.

Besakih is known as the "mother Temple of Bali, the sanctuary of Besakih is the biggest and holiest of all Balinese temples. Situated at Besakih village, about 1000 m above the sea level on the southwest slope of Agung Mountain. Besakih was built between the 14th and 17th centuries.

Over a thousand years old, steps ascend through split gates to the main courtyard where the Trinity shrines are wrapped in cloth and decorated with flower offerings.

The three main temples dedicated to the Trinity: Shiva, Brahma and Wisnu, religiously, oneness is symbolized in the Padmasana in Pura Penataran Agung, dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi, the Supreme God

Candi Dasa
Candi dasa is an integrated tourist object consisting of temple, hill, pond and beach Situated in Karangasem Regency about 13 km West of Amlapura, 64 km from Denpasar. The area is an integrated tourist object consisting of temple, hill, pond and beach

Denpasar is the capital city of both Bali and it's own municipal district has many community temples .The two most important temples are Pura jagatnatha, a temple dedicated to the Sang Hyang Widi (Supreme God), has been converted into a Museum and the 14th century Pura Maospahit.
The Museum offers a fine variety of prehistoric and modern art, whereas its architectural design resembles that of a palace. The government supervised Sanggraha Kriya Hasta has a wide variety of handicraft and works of art. Werdi Budaya exhibits a yearly art festival between June and July, with performances, exhibitions and art contest

Sanur Beach
This beach is visited by many tourists both foreign as well as domestic tourists. During holidays, this place is the choice of urban people for recreation while swimming on the beach. When full moon comes, many people enjoy the night. Relax while watching the beauty of sanur beach night life. In addition to Sanur Beach, Lemayur Museum is also visited by many tourists to enjoy art works available there.

Gua Lawa
This temple has two unique characteristics. Firstly, it has four gates: on the West, South, East, and North. Secondly, the main courtyard, the holiest place of the temple is in lower position than the center and the outermost courtyards of the temple. The place is surrounded by forest inhabited by sacred monkeys. There are also bats hanging on the branches of big trees and flying around this area

Kintamani is A great place to explore this mountainous region. Which includes some of the most magnificent scenery on the island. The villages of Kintamani and Penelokan give a view of the active Mount Batur and Lake. Seven miles in diameter and sixty feet deep, the calderas of Batur is pretty impressive . From Penelokan, a road leads to Kedisan on the shores of the lake where boats can be hired to cross over to Trunyan. This ancient village is inhabited by people who call themselves "Bali Aga" or original Balinese who have maintained many of their old ways

Klungkung was the oldest kingdom on the island and its "Raja" the most exalted. Kertha Gosa (The Court Hall) and Taman Gili (The Floating Pavilion) were formerly parts of Semarapura Palace of Klungkung Kingdom, built in the 18th century. A main gate or the royal palace well known as "Pemedal Agung" is hitherto standing intactly at the Western part of the Court Hall and the Floating Pavilion. For its ceiling painted in the traditional wayang style portraying punishment in hell and the rewards in heaven and other aspects of moralities. The floating pavilion, garden and lotus ponds in this walled- in complex, located on the main intersection of town are a reminder of the former glory of this kingdom

Kuta Bali
Kuta Once a lonely village on the road from Denpasar toward the Bukit Peninsula, former time Kuta was a quiet fishermen village, grown with bush. It was also used as a trade and navy port of Kingdoms in Bali. Now Kuta has changed into a small international town owns complete tourism facilities. The beach is wide and white sandy is liked most by tourists to sunbath, surfing, or swimming. The sunset in Kuta is most breathtaking.

Whether you are looking for leather, fashion, handicrafts, jewellery, shoes, music tapes or CD's, paintings or exotic wood carvings don't forget to bargain. At night, Kuta is alive with night life. The village abounds with restaurants, shops, discotheques, dance clubs, pubs and other tourist facilities.

It is easier to find regular performances of Balinese music and dance in Kuta, staged specially for tourists, than anywhere else in Bali. Some performances are staged nightly. The village is ideal for meeting and mixing with other people, locals as well as visitors from abroad

Nusa Dua
Nusa dua tourist resorts is about 12 km from Ngurah Rai Airport. It is an exclusive resort area built on two small "islands"; each connected to the mainland of the Bukit peninsula by a narrow, sandy strip of land. The quiet and beautiful golden white sandy beach is very ideal place to relax, swim, or to experience traditional canoe sailing. Every morning can be enjoyed a very fascinating sunrise view from this location. The beaches of Nusa Dua allow you to gently surf along the northern side of the peninsula. For bigger waves, the southern part of the peninsula can give you a good challen

The Sangeh Monkey Forest, a cluster of towering trees and home of hundreds of sprite monkeys. The forest is sacred and for many years no one has been permitted to chop wood there. The temple was built around the 17th century by the first king of Mengwi Kingdom, and dedicated to the God of Mount Agung.The temple is surrounded by tall nutmeg trees. Many monkeys roam the surrounding forest .As they live in this sacred forest, the monkeys are also held sacred and are rather tame, but it is advisable not to play with them.

Sanur is an excellent place to see the sun rise in the morning. The beach is safe for kids and sometimes exellent surf on the reef. It's has been a popular recreation site for people elsewhere. Located on the eastern coast of Bali is the ideal beach for snorkeling as it is protected by a coral reef. Sanur is only a short distance from Denpasar, with public transportation readily available. The palm lined beach curves from the Bali Beach Hotel toward the south, facing the Indian Ocean to wards the east. Sanur is Bali's first beach resort, it is also Bali's largest traditional village

Taman Ayun
Taman ayun located in Mengwi and was the area of royal temple which is built in the year 1634, the temple consists of a forecourt, a central court and a spacious inner court. A lake of lotus surrounds the area of the temple, about 300 meters in the side of Mengwi Palace. Beyond the moat, the temple lies on slightly rising ground. The grassy expanse of the outermost courtyard, the fine array of Meru and pavilions in the inner courtyard, and its well-kept appearance make it one of the most beautiful temples in Bali. Across the area of the temple can be found the Museum of Manusia Yadnya, a museum of rituals of human being since they were in the womb till they burn after death

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot temple was built in the 16th century by a priest from Majapahit. Its rituals include the paying of homage to the guardian spirits of the sea. The temple sanctuary is built a top a huge rock which is surrounded by the sea. Poisonous but peaceful sea snakes, which has white and black colors, found at the base of the rocky island are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruder. It is also a fantastic place to view beautiful sunsets. Every day at dusk, tourists throng the area to witness the magnificent silhouette of the temple against the glowing horizon. The best view is from the cliff overlooking the temple. The beach around Tanah Lot is great for horse riding and watching dramatic sunsets, but not for safe swimming

The village of Tenganan has maintained its ancient pre Hindu customs through a strong code of non-fraternization with outsiders. Tenganan Pegeringsingan is one of the most conservative villages of the Bali Aga "original Balinese". Tenganan is also well known for its geringsing cloth or double ikat. Through an intricate process of weaving and dyeing, known only here, a single cloth takes five years to complete. which is supposed to protect the wearer with magic powers. Here unique rituals offering dances, and gladiator ( the fight of the Pandanus leaves) takes place only once a year

Ubud is located in attractive environment of picturesque emerald green rice fields, along the edges of deep gorgeous river in the stunning center Balinese foothill around 30 km from Denpasar town. Ubud got its name from ubad, which means medicine, due to the fact that there are many plants in this area used in making traditional medicine. Ubud surrounding, are considered the best on the island, the traditional dancing and music is of excellent quali

Uluwatu Temple is Located at Pecatu village on a tip of a peninsula, with a breathtaking view of the sea. The temple which was built in the 11th century and it is one of the Sad Kahyangan Temple for whole Hindhu followers in Bali. Panorama of rocky hill, which sharply drop into vast ocean is very interesting particularly during sunset moments. Kecak Dance is often performed around the temple, and hundreds of monkeys inhabit the surrounding forest

Gitgit waterfall
A little further east on the coastal road is Yeh Saneh an idyllic spot few people know of. A few maters from the splash of the surf is a cool freshwater spring around which a large pool and gardens for bathers an

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